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27 July 2014

Black wishlist of a Drama Queen

We all have secret Black passions. I have one too.
I have nurtured this passion from the time I was a little girl, since the DDLJ days...
Ssssh! Don't tell anyone. It's a secret, my blackest, most deepest secret!

 I am a drama queen in and out, and I bet I can score better on screen than a dozen good actresses put together!

Bollywood: What irony it is that the name of my Blackest desire starts with the letter B.
B for Black
B for Bollywood.
B for Bushra -ME!

Ten years ago:
 The sky was black. It was Beautiful! There was no hint of moon or light except for the distant twinkle of tiny stars. My little eyes stared at the black sky, taking in every part of the mesmerizing sight. A star twinkled, making me smile. Oh! How I wish I could touch it! But it was so far away from me. Just like my crush Super star ShahRukh Khan was! "You can see them but never meet them" someone had told me. I was going to change that one day!

I was nine years old when I had first watched Dilwale Dulhaniya Lejayenge, and since the day I had watched it, I had built a secret black passion for Bollywood.

Black is my favourite colour as evrything I desire for is Black and beautiful!

Now what do I desire for you ask? Come let me share my black wish list with you all:
The Black Lady: Swooning and gorgeous in black, this filmfare award is every star's dream. One day when I am a drama queen on screen, I want to win this black beauty for my skills in Bollywood!
A Black Gown: When I walk on the red carpet and towards the stage to receive my black lady, I want to make sure I look gorgeous and I am sure nothing will make the event more memorable than an amazing black designer gown. Black is beautiful, black is talent, and i'll prove this to people by wearing a black gown to receive my filmfare award.

A Black Mike:
When it will finally be THE day for me, I would love to hold that Black mike after receiving my filmfare award and would want to share my story of success with the world, loud and clear!
Black Cameras: Click! Click! Click! Nothing feels better when you stand on the Red carpet, looking all fab and dolled up when the cameras jump at you and Click! The Black camera, captures a star's most treasured moments and spreads the message around the world, far and wide! I love black cameras. Whenever I come across one, it gives me hope and builds up my confidence, promising me a wonderful future.
After all, Bollywood is all about Lights.Camera.Action!
Black shades: When I am famous, a pair of Black shades will become my best friend as I will have to wear them often to avoid fans from following me everywhere I go! They'll act as a shield for me and give me some me time. ....and the fact that they'll look deadly gorgeous on me is a different story altogether!

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My Magical Black wishlist

Black is Bold
Black is Beautiful
Black is Power
Black is Mystery
Black is... MAGIC!

Judging from the look of this blog, you might have already got an idea of what a deep connection I share with the colour - BLACK.
While all other colours our pawns, Black is the king! It's the most dignified colour which signifies, power, beauty and mystery.
It's the colour of seduction, sophistication and secrets.

I am a Potterhead who can't think beyond magic, beyond - Harry Potter!
So, when I was asked what my Black wishlist was, these are the things which came in my mind:

1.Black Scar: Yes! I want that Black scar on my forehead! Jet black, like a lightening, I want it tattooed on my forehead which will make me stand out even in a crowd of wizards. I want it to remain on my forehead, as long as I live, reminding me every time I look into the mirror that magic exists and one day I'll receive my letter to Hogwarts...
2.Black invisibility cloak: In the past the closest I have come to being invisible is wearing Black clothe, trying to conceal my body and my thoughts. While it has proved effective to a great extent, given a chance, I would want to be completely invisible. A black invisibility cloak like the one Harry Potter wears is what I wish for! I want to carry out steamy adventures and an invisibility cloak will be the best companion for me.
3.Black wand: Every magical land is incomplete without the use of wands and I want to own one too! It has to be Jet Black and charming just like the 'Elder wand' by Ollivander and has to have mistique magical powers. A wand which obeys me and helps me do magic is what I wish for! It should act on my command, make my spells work and be my magical companion in my steamiest adventures.
4.Black Magic: While some say its a myth and some reality, I want to explore it. I want get to the roots of it, experience it, experiment it and....learn it!
Yes! I want to learn it. Not to use it as a weapon for killing people but to stop others from doing it and to cure those who have been affected by it.
5.A Godfather like Sirius Black: Who doesn't wants to receive presents like a charming 'Firebolt' from a Godfather?! Wouldn't it be amazing if you have a Godfather as caring, mysterious and lovely as Sirius Black! In the book the 'The order of Phoenix, Harry Potter' the character who touched my heart the most was 'Sirius Black' and I would give anything to have have him as my Godfather!

So that was my magical black wishlist which will help me be a wizard and live my dream of Hogwarts!

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25 July 2014

Zenbroom and Me

I was already late for work. 
The RED light flashed on the traffic signal and I put my car to a halt. 
Oh! How I wished I could fly! Sigh!
To pass time, I started browsing for apps in my new Zenfone.
'Download MoboGenie For free' an ad was shown.
I downloaded it.
POP! Came a Genie flashing on my screen
"Greetings! No one could have freed me except for a super smartphone and a true teen!"
I stared at the Genie, beaming at me.
"I grant you one wish. Ask anything you want and it'll be done" He said with glee.
"I want to fly!" I wished what I had wished for before.
POP! came a sound and the Genie vanished leaving a message,
"Put your phone into 'Flight Mode"
 I did it.
My car had shrunk, I felt it inside my pocket.
 My Zenphone had magicked a broomstick out of thin air.
"BEEP.BEEP. Ready for take off" A message flashed on my screen and...
I was flying...
I reached my office within five minutes.
This was incredible! I wish I had wished for something else!
That's when I realized there was nothing better I could have ever wished for!

It had been three weeks since the Genie had granted me the wish and life was already a bed of roses for me. 

What with my Zenfone's incredible super power, travelling had become super easy, fun and let's admit it....life saving too!

The other day, between a hectic traffic caused due to some parade, when I was just about to put my cell phone on the 'Flight Mode', I heard an ambulance's siren. The man inside that ambulance was fighting between life and death, and there was no way that in such a traffic jam the ambulance was going to reach the hospital on time.

That was when I zoomed towards the ambulance in my ZenBroom and flew the patient to the nearest hospital. My joy knew no bounds when I learnt the man had survived.
Guess what happened the other day?! Our Rajni Sir was in town to promote his new film called "Lungi Dance"

I had gone there to take his autograph. The crowd was growing bigger and bigger when suddenly there was a storm and heavy rain started pouring on everybody including Rajnikanth.
While there was a rush in the crowd to take shelter, I calmly put my Zenfone into 'Flight Mode' and flew towards the nearest shelter, safe and sound.

A drenched Rajnikanth asked for help and being a hard core fan,  I coundln't resist. I gave him a lift to his limousine. He rewarded me with his autograph and we both bid goodbye in 'Romba macha' style. As I soared up in the air, ready to take off, Rajni Sir looked up at me enviously. Even his phone could not do what mine could! 
I had always dreamed about a date with Aditya Roy Kapoor, my secret crush.
Now that I was fulfilling all my dreams, I asked my ASUS phone to transform me straight into Aditya Roy Kapoor's office.
When we reached his office, I asked if I could date him to which he happily agreed.
We dated on the moon.
Blessed with the warm welcome of twinkling stars, seated on my ZenBroom, away from the madness of the world!
It was one of the most romantic dates of my life!
This post is inspired by the features of the incredible - ASUS Zenfone!
Why ASUS Zenfone?:
It's the latest impressor in the market with a 5 inch display and HD screen resolution of 1280*720 pixels.
It has an 8MP Pixel master enabled camera which makes it truly stand out among others.The pixel master is a very exciting feature with several modes to click fun images, LED flash light enabled.
My favourite mode is the 'selfie' mode which I being a fashion blogger use often.
What's new about it:
*The sensitive glove touch mode feature which allows you to access your phone even if you are wearing gloves. Cool innit?!!
*The inbuilt apps which improve battery.
*The improved 'reading mode' feature for book lovers
* The best of all - Mirror feature which makes a zenphone a woman's best friend!

Aren't all these features simply incredible? I know of no phone which offers all this at a shocking price of just 9,999 rupees!

This post is written for the contest by Indiblogger and ASUS.

23 July 2014

A letter to my Loved ones

Dear Badges,

I know you are angry with me and your anger is truly justified! For God knows what baseless reasons, i didn't give you all the space you deserved on my blog.

You don't know how miserable I felt whenever I opened my blog and didn't find you all flashing on my sidebar, reminding me of those amazing days when I earned you all.

I know I was mean, and I am sorry, truly, deeply!

I am sorry I didn't give you all the space you deserve...
I am sorry I thought you all will crowd up my blog...
I am sorry I removed you fearing jealousy...
I am sorry I ditched you all because you took time to load...
I am sorry that for a brief period of time I lived without you all...
I am sorry, oh, I am just plain sorry!

I thought piling you all up in a unique page was a good idea but i didn't know it was hurting you all when I did so.

I promise not to treat you all in this way ever again. I am going to have all placed back, flashing and hot on my sidebar.
Please forgive me.

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21 July 2014

Five things which Zest me up!

If you ask me even a million times if  I prefer joining a boring full time job with a great pay or would rather choose to work for my passion, the answer will always be straight - I will work only for my passion, regardless of the pay!

I think that's one of the reasons why I have never even considered having a full time paid job and instead ,have always found my solace in blogging and learning Fashion designing. Not that I don't intend to make something of my life, it's just that I want a work which I will put my heart and soul into!

I believe any work done without zest is worthless and joyless.

Zest is the essence of life....a feeling which makes you content.... a habit in which people should often indulge!

There are a lot of things which zest up my life. Below is the list of five things among them which instantly Zest me up!
You know not what it means until you have tasted it...
The piercing moments when you know that the results are going to be announced! Oh! My heart actually stops beating until I see my name in the winners list, and an exuberant zest fills my whole being when I learn I have won. The joy of winning something you have worked hard for cannot be put in words! Be it a contest, or a silly challenge I have with my Sister, I feel great joy winning it! Winning is something which totally zests me up!

When they said money couldn't buy happiness, they were SO wrong! Just the word 'shopping' falls like music on my ears, lifting my mood and filling my heart with happiness. I think this is the best part of being born a woman, you develop this lovely bond with shopping for everything pretty, pink and perfect!
Dancing in The Rain: 

For some people 'Monsoons' may sound like torture, but for me, its a blessing- always! If you have been a regular reader of my blog, you might already know what a bond I share with Rain!

The scent of sand, when it makes love to the first drops of  Rain in welcome...
The sound of thunder which makes your heart skip beats...
The moist touch of water when droplets fall on your lips...
The muddy puddles inviting you to wet yourself in them like a five year old...
The soft kiss of sunlight on droplets, welcoming the Rainbow...
Everything about Rain is so unnerving and zestful!


Sometimes it's nonsense, sometimes I strive to make sense, sometimes I pour my heart out, every time I write, it's my passion, a passion which makes me happy and fills me with zest!
When I started blogging, I never knew I would be sharing such a great bond with my blog like I do today. My blog is a piece of me, we are best friends. It gives me opportunity, it gives me space, it gives me a reason to stay happy!-
Call me silly but you will find I am always smiling...sometimes for myself, sometimes for others, to make them smile. I love spreading smiles, it makes me happy. My heart fills with joy when a sad person smiles or laughs because of a joke I crack or funny advises I give them.

In these Nineteen years of my life, I have learnt that if something can really do magic and act as an imaginary wand to make people happy, it's a smile! If you don't believe magic exists, smile away, and you'll realize it can do magic on people! Be it a dry meeting, a skinny situation or an important deal, I manage to steal the situation away with the help of my smile! (:

What Zests YOU up? Is it a family get-together or simply a long drive? Let me know in the comments below! (:

Always keep that Zest alive,

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