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22 October 2014

Garnier BB cream review

I sat up like I had just been punched, this was not good! 
The alarm clock showed that I had put it into 'snooze later' mode thrice which meant that I was royally screwed!

I was going to be late for work. Too late actually! Gosh.... and today was such an important day!

I rushed to the bathroom, practically throwing the alarm clock, luckily it landed on the bed. By the time I got out of my shower, I was impressed with myself. I had managed to get a shower and dress myself up all within the span of ten minutes but I was still late! Grabbing an apple and shoving it into my mouth, I hurried to pack my bag and all the important files i needed for today's presentation.

The multi-tasking had just started to consume me when suddenly I heard a car horn. My office vehicle was here! Oh no! Oh no!

My misery increased when I glanced at the mirror and realized I hadn't done my hair nor had i applied any makeup on. It was an important day and I was starting it looking like a not-so-social-not-to-mention-messy-haired-me! Not fair!

I quickly did a swift bun, reaching to my makeup kit. That was when my hands fell on the Garnier BB cream and I quickly applied it without hesitation and ran out the door with a last glance at the mirror.

WOW! Was my reaction. The BB cream had done a very good job. It had done the work of my moisturizer-toner-foundation-highlighter all in one! That's when I realized that it was THE cream for me!

As I entered the van, I blushed. My colleague was stared at me before he mouthed "Good morning beautiful lady! You are glowing today!" My heart did a mini dance....

I am a big fan of foundations, can't have enough of them! But the only thing which keeps me from wearing them on a regular basis is the fact that they are not very to moisturizing and tend to break my sensitive skin. Hence I use them only on special occasions and at times when I feel the need for a makeup-mood lift.

Since the day I came across the Garnier BB cream, my daily routine has changed!

BB cream or beauty balms, are the current rage in the market. They are a blessing to girls who are fans of tinted moisturizers.

My experience with the Garnier BB cream:

The best thing I loved about this BB cream was its moisturizing factor which is very rare in liquid foundations. It doesn't dry out my skin, instead it smooths it and gives it a soft feeling.

This BB cream has an SPF 24, with UVA/UVB protection to protect you from the sun without the need of applying a separate sunscreen. I like how it plays the all rounder.

The pros:
*Gives you glowing skin
*Gives your skin protection with SPF24
*Evens out your complexion with medium coverage
*Doesn't feel heavy on your skin
*Non greasy
*Love the mild fragrance!
*Suits all skin tones
*Easily blends

The Cons:
Didn't find any except for the fact that the coverage is medium. Could have been a little more.

I wish they made these BB creams back in my college days. It's perfect for college going girls! Just gives your skin the right coverage without the hassles of makeup.

I love Garnier BB cream. What about you? Have you tried it? Do share! :)

18 October 2014

Healthy kids make a happy home

Our kids are our world!
Back when I myself was a kid, I used to get awed at how much my parents doted me and took care of everything i needed. I would be awed by how much love they showered on me and often prayed that every child in the world have caring parents like mine.

Now, when I am myself an adult and a 'Maasi' to a lovely one year old, I realize that children mean the whole world to parents. Their whole life revolves around them. As a child I could never understand that but now that I am myself besotted to a toddler, I can fully understand it!

A few years back when my nephew had still not entered this world, I remember how quiet and uneventful my day would go. There would be no one to disturb me, no one to scream and cry to make him buy chocolates, no one to play with and break my precious belongings. Now with my little nephew in the picture, it's a whole different scenario!

Now I am so used to him that a day cannot pass with hearing to his sweet little half-formed words, ear-punching wails and enchanting laughter!

It's like our whole home revolves around him.When he laughs,we laugh. When he is in pain, we cry with him. When he is happy, so are we. When he is ill...it's like we are ill too! :(

It wrenches my heart when he gets ill because of some reason. I remember once when he had been ill because of diarrhea, the whole family had gone into depression. The prayers were endless. Only when he fully recovered the painful disease that someone in our house smiled.

Seeing his small figure wriggle and cry due to burning fever and loose motions was a very disturbing sight for me. That is the reason why advised my sister to include Dabur Chyawanprash in his routine.

 Dabur Chyawanprash is a time tested, age old formulation made of herbs like Amla which our famed for their anti-oxidants which help fighting illnesses by three times in children.

We are happy only when our children our healthy hence it's important to make sure their immune system is supplied with the right ingredients for it to grow and act well.

When I was struck with a nervous disease and was not able to walk properly at the age of sixteen, I remember how worried and unhappy my whole family had been. My parents were so afraid that I won't be able to walk properly again and it was like all the happiness in the world had died. Only when I fully recovered with the help of Ayurvedic care did the air in my house started getting normal. Only then did the smiles, laughter and happiness returned.

When my sister was ill due to pneumonia, it was like it was not her who was suffering from that pain but me. Throughout her illness, me and my family went through a tough time.

So, my point is, it's impossible for parents to stay happy when their children are ill. Their happiness is interconnected with the health of their children.

This post is for the #ImmuneIndia campaign by Dabur and Indiblogger.

Dilwali Diwali with Family

Sunlight weakly cut through the dense clouds, illuminating everything in its wake on the land below. Standing in the balcony of my apartment, with the sweet breeze caressing my cheeks and playing with my damp hair, I stared at the lovely sight of the sunrise before me.

I was engrossed in the beauty of nature, too naive to prepare for what was coming. I closed my eyes, a smile lingering on my face....that's when I heard it!


I yelped, covering my ears in time and preventing them from the wrath of deafness. My first instinct was "Oh-my-God! A nuclear bomb!."

Gathering myself  back and finally allowing my brains to connect to my heart, it doomed to me that it wasn't a bomb... okay, let's say it was a bomb but not the one I thought it was! Err?!

Trying my best  to get back my lungs to obey me and stop jumping up and down that badly, I started looking left and right on the road below for the source of the noise.

Standing a few blocks away from my apartment was a small group of kids hooting excitedly and getting ready to blow off another bomb with the little incense sticks they held in their hands.

Realization doomed on me - Gosh! It was Diwali time.

Just the thought brought a cheerful nostalgic smile on my face and before I knew it, I was hooting along with the youngsters, clapping my hands when the next bomb went off.

Life was so busy and not to mention 'boring' now. A job which would take me far away from my family and friends was not really my cup of tea but sadly, given the limited options I had as a fashion designer, I had no choice.

It had been a year since I had come here to Mumbai to put my fashion designing skills into action. I had already missed so many weddings, festivals and quality time with my family.

Now here it was, the one that hurt missing the most - Diwali!

I brought my morning tea to my balcony, sitting on my comfortable bean bag, my eyes not leaving the sight of the children lighting crackers below.

Now they had stopped bursting nerve-wrecking bombs and had started lighting flower pots and Chakras. My favorites! I sighed. As the cracker started flowering and showering the already lit ground with brighter light, I started reliving my own memories as a kid.

Ah! The happier times...

For others it was simply 'Diwali' for me and my brother, it was 'Dilwali'. It was our love, our happiness, our freedom to do naughty things without being told off! :)

If Diwali was in October, the celebrations would start by the end of August, two months prior to the actual day.

The first crackers we would ever buy were the tiny rolled ones which were used in cracker guns. We wouldn't wait for Mom to buy us guns, which she obviously wouldn't saying there were still two months left for Diwali and we would get distracted. Instead, we would buy the rolls out of our pocket money and start punching the lives out of them using stones.

Pat! Pat! Chit! Pit! Phat! ~ It was music to our ears!

When there was a month left, our frantic tantrums and crocodile tears would have already earned us each a cracker-gun and our little experiments would have started.

In the Bomb area, the small red cracker bombs were my favorite. They were loud enough but not as loud as atom bombs which literally hammered your ears.

The most exciting experiments took place during the Dussehra holidays, when our chaddi buddies(neighborhood friends)would also join us. Challenges involving us to participate in different assigned experiments would be held. Lighting the Laxmi bomb or red bomb in your hand and throwing it away as soon as it lit, lighting five or ten bombs at a time by connecting them, etc. were to name some.

The real fun started one week prior to Diwali. As majority of people would have already started lighting crackers, our guns in hand, we would go in groups to all places nearby where crackers were being lit. The joy was inevitable and it only multiplied when the generous neighbors would lend us some crackers just to get rid of us hollering over that place and haunting them until they gave us some. :P

 Lighting crackers is fun but did you know how much more the 'fun factor' multiplied into when they were for FREE?! :P

Come the real Diwali, our joy knew no bound! We would trot around the whole colony acting like strays, not caring of one thing in the world, lighting crackers of every kind and shape. We would make sure all the streets were littered with burnt paper and gun powder, for once not caring to follow rules.

Night time was a different swarm of joy altogether. Our whole team would gather on the highest building in our colony and we would sit gaping at the sky as the stunning show of different colored rockets went live. It was like the stars had escaped from space and were falling on Earth, bestowing it with their love and light.

The new clothes, sweets and other savories another reason why Diwali rocked for us. It was a complete package of joy! The boondi laddoos would melt in our mouths, making us crave for more.

The whole family would have a great time gifting each other, bursting crackers together and having fun.

When Diwali was over, our festivities would still continue. You will laugh if I tell you this! I think it's the most experimental and exciting part of my life! :D Me, my brother and a group of friends would roam around the whole colony picking up used crackers which looked like they still had some gunpowder in them. Yes! You read it right! We would literally 'pick up' the used crackers lying on streets like rag pickers and collect them :D

What would we do with those used/puss crackers you ask? We would rip them off their clothes(ehem. Figure of speech :P) and empty their still intact contents/Gunpowder into a heap.

When the gunpowder accumulated would reach a desirable extent, we would wait for night and have mini party burning the heap of gunpowder and hooting excitedly as it hissed like a snake and burnt out. Oh the joy!

So much and more... :)

Check out the amazing TVC below to get nostalgic all over again! :)
How did you celebrate Diwali as a kid? Do you miss #GharwaliDiwali too? Do share! :)

This entry is for the #GharwaliDiwali campaign by Indiblogger and sponsor.

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Fanaa ~ Shayari

Kuch ankahi si baate hain,
Meethi raaton ke saaye me...

Kuch halchal si aahat hai, 
Dil ki neemi neemi saanson me...

Kyun Chand bhi humse sharmaye,
Kyun aankh maari sitaaron ne...

Baicheni si hai jabse huwe hain gum,
In Ishq ki josheeli raahon me...

16 October 2014

Festive feista with Myntra

What's your favourite season? Summer? Winter? The season of rain, or are you more of a Spring person?! 
You know what's my favourite? ;) It's something as crazy and freaking fun as me myself. 

 Season of  Love.
Season of  gifts..
Season of fun and family...
Season of joy....

So. No guesses? :D

Okay... the answer is "The Festive Season".....yes, it's my favorite!

With the festive season knocking my door now, it's time to get myself prepared, and the best part about it- it's time for LOADS of shopping! :D

I am a shopaholic and while the fact that I really don't wait for any occasions to shop is true, it really doesn't hurt to have as good a reason as a festival to back you, especially when you are about to go on a shopping ban!

Now when I say shopping, what I actually mean is 'Online shopping'! Sitting and shopping from the comfort of my bed without the hassles of the tiring travel and time consuming visits to malls is something which is totally appealing me these days.

Three simple reasons why I happily prefer online shopping over shopping in person:

1. I hate waiting for hours in looooooooong (did I miss an 'O' there?) queues at billing counters and trial rooms. >_<
2. Tiring travelling: Oh! Did I tell you how traffic-loaded Bangalore has become lately?!!!
3. Return policies: I am person with mixed moods. I can excited and buy something which i totally don't need and realize it only when I am home. That's where the return policies come in and trust me! Online shopping portals like Myntra are the best here.

Online shopping is the best thing which happened to shopaholics like me. As you all know I am a big fashion enthusiast, currently learning fashion designing, what other online store can attract me more than the amazing, totally fashion forward - Myntra.com

A few days back Myntra had this crazy sale where they offered extra 30% off on 'everything'. There are more exciting and enticing sales on Myntra every other day and wait till you here that you can get flat extra 32% off if you shop from their mobile app! Amazing right?! :D

Now coming to what I'll be wearing this festive season, talking about me, it has to be something real amazing right?! :D I have created looks using some of the irresistible products I truly loved at Myntra.com. Here's a sneak peak into what I would prefer wearing this festive season:

Look 1
What can be a better reason to pamper myself with a designer piece then this festive season! I am big fan of designer Rohit Bal and while my pocket money didn't allow me to afford one of his wonderful anarkalis, I don't have to worry anymore as his designs for Biba are much more affordable. There's a 55%off sale on Biba going on at Myntra which means I can bag the above gorgeous dress by Rohit Bal for half the price. Isn't that cool! :D 

I have paired the gorgeous purple and nude anarkali by Rohit Bal for Biba with pearl earrings from Anouk, a classy peach pink, bling-on-high clutch by Alessia, a stunning purple emerald ring from Dressberry, a 'to-die-for' jhoomar (hair accessory) from Siyora and stunning studded high stilettos from Inc.5. 

Festive season calls for bling and fun, that's the reason I picked up these unique pieces to pair with the stunning Anarkali. The soft shimmer from the clutch, the tweeny sparkles from the stilettos and the bright shine from the studded jhoomar would complement the above anarkali perfectly. This way the bling factor is not too over the top and not too downward at the same time.

This outfit is my favourite as it acts as an all rounder. I can don it at parties, family gettogethers, late night dinners and for in-house celebrations too. It's perfectly comfy, elegant and gorgeous all at the same time! 

You can shop the entire look above from Myntra here: Click on the images below to go their respective pages.
 Look 2
As I have mentioned above, I am girl with mixed moods and while a comfortable Anarkali would appeal me, I would want to experiment with lehengas, sarees and other fun outfits too.

It was love at first sight. When my eyes fell on the above lehenga from Myntra for the first time, I was like "ZOMG! I love it!" I swear if it wear a boy, I would have proposed then and there! (Okay just saying! :P) The colours in it are spectacular, not to mention the intricate mirror work on the border and the choli!

I would love to wear this lehenga as it would bring out the joyous , fun loving me, complementing my nature perfectly.

As the lehenga already speaks volumes, i would like to keep the accessories minimal here. Jhumkis are my current favourites and I don't think anything else will suit this lehenga more. Hanthphools are trending this festive season and I would like to skip the bangles and bracelets for once and opt for this gorgeous hanthphool instead. :)

As it would be too much of a bother for a casual day spent at home, I would opt this outfit for party nights and family gatherings instead.

                                   You can shop the entire look above from Myntra here: Click on the images below to go their respective pages.
Look 3
Indian festivals are incomplete without women wearing sarees. It's the closest meaning to the word 'traditional' in India. Gone are the days when sarees were all plain and boring. The latest collection of sarees in India offered by different brands lures us women into donning sarees on special occasions inspite of wearing and managing them being a hideous task.

The above saree would be my choice for this festive season as its intricate design and delicate colour combination speaks elegance. Blue and pink is my all time favourite combination and a punch of nude in it just makes this saree irresistible in whole! Pairing it with the stunning accessories above, I am good to go and rock and turn heads my way! :D

Love the above ensemble? It can be yours today! Shop it from Myntra: Click on the images below to go their respective pages.

I can go on and on with my festive wishlists when it comes to Myntra.com! It has become my one stop online destination for fashion fixes now and did I tell you how much I love their amazing fashion blog!

So, the scrapbook looks above are what I am planning to wear this festive season. What about you? Have you checked out Myntra.com yet and made a wishlist for yourself? Hurry and do let me know! :)

Wish you all a joyous and safe festive season,

4 October 2014

The Big Billion Day at Flipkart

Shopping in all forms is fun but have you ever experienced that extra joy and feeling of victory when you pick up something great at a feasible price in a sale? Well, I have had that feeling tons of times! :D ....and majority of the times it has been Flipkart sales! #OhISoLoveThem! 

As you are already aware(If you are not than you don't live on Earth!) that this 0ctober 6th, i.e, tomorrow is the Big Billion day at Flipkart. It's famed to be the biggest and most amazing online sale history has ever noted. (Yup, let's see whether that's true...)

A little into the speciality of 6/10/2014:
According to a mail i received yesterday from the founders of Flipkart, Sachin and Binny themselves, the numbers on which the sale is being held, 610 hold a lot of importance as it was the flat number which experienced the birth of the biggest online shopping portal of India today ~ Flipkart which was back in 2007! 

So Flipkart is in a gala mood to celebrate their dream come true and help help customers to complete their shopping dreams too.

Tomorrow is Eid, I so wish this sale was not on the 6th (sob) but anyways, I am letting you all know so that you guys don't miss it! I am planning to buy a new laptop (:P) if there are good offers on them and LOADS of other things. My sisters are all going gaga over this VERY HYPED sale! When I say VERY HYPED, I really mean it because you won't believe how much Flipkart is promoting this sale! 

So will you be there on the big day? :D Oh my God! I am so exciteeeeeeeed!!!!! *does a happy dance* 

I think it's going to be a very happy happy Eid *dream mode*

So lovelies and Handsomes,
Wish you all a very happy Eid and happy happy shopping from The Big Billion day! :D

P.S: They are also holding many exciting contests like the 'The Flipkart App Lucky Draw', 'Make a wish', etc... Don't miss these! :)
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